The Mega Motivator
a software tool to aid in self help / self improvement

Turn your computer into the most powerful motivation/inspiration and personal growth tool in the world!

Type ANY custom message or affirmation into your computer (or select from our internal list), then the Mega Motivator periodically displays the message ON TOP OF whatever program you’re working on. 

Set the length of time the message displays, from as long as a few seconds, to 1 millisecond. You can set it to practically subliminally deliver the message directly to your subconscious mind, helping you program yourself with self improvement goals, without even having to see or think about the message! 

Next, you can set the timer for how often you want your message to pop up on your computer screen throughout the day. Use it as a reminder memo too!

It won't interfere with the programs you’re working on. Comes with an optional ready made list of goals or affirmations for changing common bad traits or habits and strengthening the good.

This program is Highly recommended for those who spend time on their computers. Hey, you're on it right now - why not make the MOST out of it!  

Available for: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7. Price is for a license to use the Mega Motivator on a single computer. 

Contact us for purchasing multi-license packages.

After purchasing you will receive email instructions for downloading a full working version of Mega Motivator.

Own it NOW for only $29.95

The Mega Motivator

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