The Best Petrol Lawnmowers Of 2018

If you’re looking to invest in a petrol lawnmower, then it’s safe to say you’re making a great decision. However, before you make your purchase, you may want to take a closer look at some of the best petrol lawnmowers of 2018, so you know your new purchase will be future proof for many years to come.

To begin with, the Honda Izy 466 model is perhaps the best petrol lawnmower on the market right now, and it’s ideal for large lawns as well, just as you’d expect from a high-powered machine like this.

In fact, this model gives you a whopping 4 stroke engine that’s incredibly powerful, making great use of a standard 160cc Honda engine that’s often used in these high-powered machines.

What’s more, the machine has an astonishing cutting width of 46 cm, which just goes to show that you will make light work of practically any lawn that you need to mow in record time. It also comes with a massive 55 L box, so you definitely won’t have to stop all too often either.

Perhaps the only drawback to this model is the noise, as it is pretty loud with an average rating of 94 dB. It’s also on the heavy side, weighing a respectable 32 kg, but the overall self-propelling nature of the design means this is too much trouble for most people, and perhaps instead you should look into the best electric lawn mowers of 2018.

Ultimately, this is a high-quality petrol lawnmower that’s definitely one of the best on the market, and you’ll struggle to find anything that’s superior to this at the moment. While it is a rather costly model, often retailing for over 500 pounds, it’s the kind of long-lasting, hard wearing lawnmower that you can expect to last you for many years, or perhaps even decades to come.