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You'll be amazed at the power of medical hypnosis when used by trusted professionals.

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Free Hypnosis Script!

Induction for Progressive Relaxation

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Now you have the opportunity to re-program your subconscious with positive affirmations, thoughts and suggestions controlled by you.

You have all the power necessary to make those positive changes (and negative changes) in your life. You can get into a deep relaxed state and start making positive changes with your life using the soothing sound of your own voice.

It's important to practice the script a few times before you record it. You may want to print out this page. Then find an area in your home or place of work where you can have a few minutes to yourself.

Now read the following script into a recording device. Read very, very slowly. Pretend that you are tired as you read this exercise and you will react in a relaxed, sleepy manner. Whenever you see these ... (periods in row), that is your signal to pause as you read, to let your body relax for a few moments before continuing on.

Induction Script - Start

Make yourself comfortable... Place your feet flat on the floor... And rest your hands on your thighs...rest your hands down by your side... And gently allow your eyelids to close...  And just begin to allow yourself to relax... Letting all your cares and worries go... And at this moment in time... Nothing matters... As you switch off your thoughts... And just allow this time for yourself... So that you can unwind completely... And as you begin to feel more and more relaxed... Letting go of any worries or problems... That may have been on your mind lately...  And there is no need to fight any unwanted negative thoughts...  As they will soon drift out of your mind again... Just as easily as they came... I would like you to take a couple of deep breaths ... Slowly filling your lungs with fresh air... And as you exhale ... You will relax more and more... With every outbreath...

And as you gently slow your breathing down... You begin to feel more and more relaxed... More and more comfortable... You will feel your whole body sinking into the couch/chair... And you will notice how relaxed your whole body has become... From the top of you head... To the tips of your toes... Your eyelids have become very heavy... (and may even twitch at this moment... As you let go of any tension in your body...) And all the muscles in your jaw have become limp and relaxed... As your jaw sinks down... And your tongue rests gently on the bottom of your mouth... And you are beginning to drift down deeper and deeper... Feeling more and more relaxed with every word I speak... And as this wave of relaxation spreads down your neck and shoulders... And all the way down your arms to your fingertips... You may feel a tingling sensation in your fingertips... As your arms grow as heavy as lead... And you soon become aware of a growing peaceful feeling inside... A feeling of calmness and contentment... As you feel every muscle in your chest and abdomen... Become limp and relaxed... And all the muscles in your back are relaxing... Almost like a mental massage... And all the way down your spine... The muscles loosen and relax... And as you drift down deeper and deeper relaxed... You let this wave of relaxation spread all the way down your legs... So that your legs become as heavy as lead... And every muscle in your legs becomes limp and relaxed...  So that you are completely relaxed from the top of your head... To the tips of your toes...

And as the outside world... Fades more into the background...  As you begin your journey into your own inner world... To that unique and special part of you... That only you can go to... You continue to let go... Of any negative thoughts or feelings... And any sounds around you... Or in the distance... Will fade into the background... The only sound that will matter to you... Will be the sound of my voice... Which will continue to take you deeper and deeper... Into a wonderful state of relaxation... And you may soon find that your mind begins to wander... And it doesn’t matter where you drift... Where you go... My voice will travel with you at all times... So that you will continue... To respond to me on an unconscious level...

And in a few moments time... You will hear me say the word...  Nowwww... And when you hear me say the word... Nowwww... All the unnecessary nervous tension is going out of your body... And your body... Will continue to sink down... Becoming more and more limp ... More and more relaxed... And comfortable too... Just feel yourself sinking down into the couch/chair... Your head sinking down into the pillow... Becoming even more comfortable... Feeling completely at peace... And calm and contented... As you continue to drift down... Really enjoying this wonderful feeling of complete relaxation... And there may be times when... You will not be aware of your body... You won't be aware of your body at all... As you continue to go deeper and deeper relaxed... Deeper and deeper relaxed...

When I count to five... you will be wide awake...feeling good...One...you're beginning to come back...Two... feel the energy start flowing through your body...Three...moving your fingers and toes... more and more awake...feel the energy running through your body more now...Four... breathe in wakeful energy... that's right... breathe in wakeful energy... clearing your head... balancing your energies... feeling wonderful in every way...Five... open your eyes... fully coming back... fully back... wide awake... that's right...wide awake.

Induction Script - End


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