Erotic Hypnosis
erotic hypnosis tapes/cds by an MD PhD
are 100%

Seduce your spouse and turn on your lover
to set your love life ablaze.

Men & Women report experiencing multiple orgasms,
penis enlargement and far more satisfying love lives
with our sex enhancing products.

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"Hi, I'm the voice for your relaxing journey in our hypnosis cd's,tapes and instant Mp3 downloads. In a few moments you'll hear me speak."

Just push play on any erotic hypnosis CD from our growing collection. Amazing sexual enhancement is taught by an MD based on scientific research and ancient tantra tantric sex practices. 
Be an All Night Lover and experience sex like you never imagined with our "New Male Orgasm" ebook that will let you experience a whole new level of excitement.

Doctors teach you how males can have multiple orgasms without ejaculation in weeks with our easy step-by-step program. 

Practice the simple PC muscle exercises even at a desk or watching TV!

Imagine one of the most heavenly sexual experiences anyone can ever have.  Now it can be yours with the touch of a button. It's the easiest and most advanced way for couples to instantly enjoy the most intimate, erotic sex ever.

Use the power of your subconscious mind to stimulate your sexual senses. All you need to do is pop your erotic TheraSounds™ CD into your player, relax and follow the hypnotic guided visualization instructions (softly spoken by a woman). 

In erotic hypnosis TheraSounds™, you will create in your mind and stimulate within your physical body an enlivened and heightened sexual response. 

Inspire you and/or your partner to wake up and enjoy sex again. 

Significantly improves the intensity of and promotes longer lasting orgasms. 

Improve your relationship and intimacy while enjoying the fun and fantasy in sharing new levels of sexuality. 

These recordings can be used both as instructional guides and as guided visualization spiritual sexuality "journeys" where you'll discover new depths of intimacy and pleasure. 

This is not music. The recordings contain techniques that have been proven in hundreds of independent double-blind university and clinical studies, including guided imagery, visualization, affirmations and post hypnotic suggestions. These are combined with "brainwave entrainment" sounds. 

There are now 2 versions of hypnosis in our erotic hypnosis collection. Our first one has hypnosis WITH
TheraSounds™ (entrainment sounds)  embedded into the background of the instructions. These are scientifically proven to take you into deeper states of heightened relaxation, to harness the power of your subconscious. The second is simply hypnosis with no TheraSounds™ in the background.

Also check out other titles in our exciting, erotic collection by clicking on the link below.

Hypnosis with TheraSounds™
Regularly $49.95
ON SALE for only $29.95 each (CD & mp3)

Hypnosis without TheraSounds™
(Voice Only)

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