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The MotivAider

a powerful tool to aid in self help / self improvement

The MotivAider® is a simple but very powerful tool for eliminating unwanted old habits and building constructive new ones. Here's how it works: your MotivAider® regularly and repeatedly sends out a short pulsing signal that you can feel but others cannot hear. The regular pulse is a gentle reminder to bring your attention back to the habit you are building.

All through the day, your MotivAider® keeps reminding you of your goal. You can wear the MotivAider® on your belt or waistband, or keep it in your pocket. Its steady input lets you quickly and easily break old habits and make new ones.

Since it was introduced in 1987, the MotivAider® has been used worldwide in education, health care, sports and business and has helped thousands of people transform their good intentions into life-improving action.

The MotivAider®
Get this powerful tool for locking in healthy habits for just $49.95


Here are some of the many ways the MotivAider® can help you. Its reminders are especially powerful when used together with Therasounds™ hypnotherapy:

Achieve Personal & Career Goals
The MotivAider
® is a great (and silent!) business partner! It can AUTOMATICALLY keep you tuned-in to important goals and objectives that get lost in the shuffle of a busy mind and workplace. For optimal results, use with the Financial Cornucopia Success Pack Therasounds™ Package.

Improve Relationships
You probably already know of things you could do to be a better mate, a better parent, a better friend. But in case you haven't noticed, knowing what to do isn't enough. For optimal results, use with the Relationship Healing & Happiness Therasounds™ Package.

Improve Personal Image
Most of us care a great deal about the impression we make on others. We realize the way we speak, listen, smile, walk, sit, stand, use our hands and our eyes and our faces, all have an impact on what others think and feel about us. The MotivAider
® lets you take the bull by the horns and create the impression you want. For optimal results, use with the Personal Empowerment Therasounds™ Package.

Eliminate Unwanted Habits
Finally sit up straight, grow your nails, wake up with a pain free jaw from quitting grinding your teeth!  Instantly realize what you're doing and the habit will quickly vanish. For optimal results, use with Healthy Habits Therasounds™.

Reduce Stress
There are lots of ways to reduce stress. You can, for example, take a deep, slate-clearing breath every so often, or make a point of relaxing your neck and shoulder muscles, or say a positive affirmation to yourself. For optimal results, use with Stress Management Therasounds™.

Improve Health & Fitness
The MotivAider
® is the ideal tool for helping you achieve your health and fitness goals. For a far more powerful impact, use the Health Force Activator Therasounds™ pack in conjunction with the MotivAider®.

Stick To A Diet Or Quit Smoking
Now you can rely on the MotivAider
® as being on of the most effective tools for quitting smoking for good or sticking to a diet. It's a far more powerful combo when used in conjunction with the Weight Loss Hypnosis Therasounds™ and/or Healthy Habits Therasounds™.


The MotivAider®
Get this powerful tool for locking in healthy habits for just $49.95


Click here for the Mega Motivator software!

If you are interested in cassette tapes instead please call to order: (800) 845-7991

Note: TheraSounds™ or hypnosis tapes/CDs are not to be used when operating motor vehicles or dangerous equipment. Do not use without first consulting with your physician. Not to be used by those with mental illness or epilepsy.

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